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Maria Serbina, an international marketing advisor and best-selling author with over 27 years of entrepreneurial experience, has appeared in front of different audiences speaking live on stage, different radio shows, virtually and TV online.

She has been invited to speak on different radio talk shows as a marketing expert about brand visibility, SEO (Search engine optimization), social media marketing, and the most effective marketing strategies.

Maria, also, has been invited to share her inspirational personal stories on a radio and media about immigration to Canada and the US, being an attractive woman-entrepreneur in male domineering markets, business persona and perception (personal appearance and fashion).

She was quoted in an influential Rackspace blog, (CMO digital forum) on hot live-streaming marketing strategies for brands for Twitter Wednesday.

Maria was featured in Luxe Beat Magazine as a woman-traveler that the magazine admires and interviews to gain insights, not only on luxury and travel but on business building, social awareness, and life balance.

She has contributed articles and new releases for View on Southern Utah magazine (View on Business), and Maria likes to keep the audience entertained and on edge. She is not afraid of controversial conversations.

To book Maria for a segment send email request at or call 435-414-9747

Maria Serbina’s Radio Interviews

Read My Lips Radio with Bonnie D. Graham

Talk Zone internet radio, Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva


Maria, you were fabulous! It was quite a pleasure having you on… I'm going to have you back on again on a regular basis. I received wonderful feedback…

Brian Greenberg, Greenberg News WNJC-1360AM

Maria, you were superb. Smart, edgy, playful and handled me nicely. You would be a great guest to have on every 3 weeks or so for a full 1/2 hour of tips on media and such.

Lewis Harrison, WIOX 91.3 FM

Maria Serbina’s Media Sheet

Statistics show while 91% of consumers conduct online search before buying 46% of small business owners DON’T have a website!

In new era of World Wide Web brand visibility online is everything. Without it, any business will extinct. But with more than 1.2 BILLION websites, variety of social media platforms, mobile apps, and paid ads what really works in online marketing and makes business brand visible?

Maria knows: Omnipresence + Expert & Celebrity Status + Direct Marketing!


Maria, you did a great job! We really enjoyed it and know our listeners will get a lot out of the information you shared.

Eva Lewandowski,
Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva Radio,

Thank you, Maria, for being such informative, articulate, passionate and delightful guest on Read My Lips Radio…

Bonnie D. Graham aka RadioRed,
Read My Lips Radio

Maria's Books

No Cost Strategies and High Profit Outcome!

If I can’t Find You in 3 Seconds You Don’t Exist is all you need to create your seductive offer and deliver it to the right prospective clients using the power of raving fans, chatterati and influencers.

You too can benefit from easy step-by-step system that has already helped other entrepreneurs and business owners! Filled with practical advice that help you to have unbeatable advantage over your competition, create visibility, build buzz online and make money.

This book is the guide that shows you how to use together the most powerful forces online for promoting any service or product. This book teaches you a step-by-step system for creating visibility online any business can use.

Follow the Woman!

Here it is no shame, straightforward strategies from the personal experience of the affluent woman herself and marketer … for successfully positioning your business, service and yourself to attract women for whom the price is NOT an issue for purchasing …they just love to spend money.

The naked truth is it takes the same amount of work to attract the fastest growing mass-affluent, affluent and ultra-affluent population of women who eager to pay premium prices in exchange for experiences, services and expertise.

This is the quickest and predictable way to prosper in the slow economy (selling to women least affected by recession) and get rich in great times!

Maria Serbina’s Bio

Maria Serbina is the entrepreneur, international marketing consultant, advisor, best-selling author and speaker.

She helps businesses to get traffic online and convert it into leads and sales. How? Omnipresence +Expert & Celebrity Status + Direct Marketing.

She truly believes that if she can’t find you in Google search in 3 seconds, you don’t exist.

Since her teenage years, Maria was attracted to old Hollywood and recognized the personal power of celebrities and their positive role in inspiring people across the globe. Read more

Maria Serbina’s Introduction

International marketing coach and a computer nerd Maria Serbina owned one of the first private companies in the Former Soviet Union at the age of 27.

Folks, that along is enough reason to pay attention to her.

Welcome Maria Serbina!

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