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May 12, 2020

Why I decided to Write about Green Construction in 2020

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Other day I went for my usual every day’s 4.5-mile walk. For some reason instead of taking my typical route on the Virgin River trail, I decided to jog around my neighborhood. It was a perfect time to enjoy the blossoming front yards and look at new construction and newly-remodeled homes.  My neighborhood is an interesting mixture of 70th, 80th, 90th, early 2000th and brand-new construction. The majority of new – builds in the old-established areas look completely out of place the same as old houses look out of place when surrounded by new homes.  

While I was enjoying my walk and making my way back to my house I noticed a middle-aged couple with a little, tiny dog walking towards one of the newly-remodeled homes. I greeted them with a “good lovely morning.” Surprisingly they didn’t jump 6 feet from me. (If someone will read this blog post a few years from now and will be surprised by 6 feet statement: I am writing about events that happen during the Covid19 pandemic, on May 2, 2020.)

On the contrary, they started a conversation with me about this remodeled house. They told me that they own the house a few streets down and thinking about remodeling. But on another hand, they are also thinking about building a new house instead.

Without even noticing I started giving them the pros and cons of both: remodel and new construction. They wanted some green features and energy efficiency in the house. After 10 minutes into our conversation, the wife asked me if I consult on residential construction development and design and how much I charge.

Even though I told them that I have a degree in construction engineering, I worked construction, sold real estate, and worked with the green, sustainable building I was really surprised by her question because it never occurred to me that people would be inserted in my professional advice and knowledge.

I always have seen myself as an online marketer than a real estate and construction consultant despite being in construction and RE industries for years in different countries.

I have been fascinated by green, sustainable building and lifestyle for decades. I worked with green LEED architects and builders. My fascination with sustainable building started from watching an episode on the Soviet news (probably in 1980 or 1981) about the hurricane in Texas. I remember being in complete shock from the damage scenes and completely demolished houses. I couldn’t comprehend it because almost every building in the Soviet Union was built from concrete and bricks. There even crazy storms damaged only roofs. I found out many years later when I moved to North America that the majority of houses here are built from “wood sticks.” In my eyes, this type of construction had a sustainability issue.

After the conversation with that couple on my walk, I had a huge “AHA” moment. The light bulb turned on in my head! I realized that consumers, builders, and supply manufacturers need my knowledge.

I realized my MISSION is to educate consumers on green, eco, sustainable living and promote builders and manufacturing companies that are making the planet Earth a better place to live.

My job as a civil and industrial engineer and online marketer is to bring more visibility and promotion for these amazing companies. Also, my job is to educate people about technologies in green building, green sustainable living and how they can be used in their homes and lives.

I am committed to bring great solutions and new trends, make them useful, applicable and fun, and also give food for thought for everyone.

In my blog/vlog posts I will talk about everything connected to green, eco, and sustainable live style: from foundations, walls, solar panels, windows, paint, insulation, fixtures, interior design, landscapes, gardens… you name it.

If you interested in certain topics contact me. I will be more than happy to write or record a video about it.

Stay tuned.

Maria Serbina
Maria Serbina
International digital marketing advisor, speaker and best-selling author with serious IT and web development background. Her expertise is creating instant celeb, online marketing, web development and publicity.

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